Not known Factual Statements About service

at someone's service, ready to be of support or use to an individual; at 1's disposal: You should have an English-Talking tutorial at your service.

functionality, operate, get the job done, operate, go - execute as expected when utilized; "The washing equipment is not going to go Until It is plugged in"; "Does this aged automobile continue to operate effectively?"; "This aged radio will not work any more"

the prescribed kind according to which a certain sort of religious ceremony is always to be carried outthe burial service

References in traditional literature ? The A part of the space powering the columns, which has a high silk-curtained mahogany bedstead on one particular aspect and on the other an enormous scenario containing icons, was brightly illuminated with red gentle just like a Russian church through night service. Beneath the gleaming icons stood a protracted invalid chair, As well as in that chair on snowy-white smooth pillows, evidently freshly transformed, Pierre noticed- coated for the waist by a brilliant eco-friendly quilt- the acquainted, majestic figure of his father, Count Bezukhov, with that gray mane of hair over his broad forehead which reminded considered one of a lion, and the deep characteristically noble wrinkles of his handsome, ruddy confront.

Grimaud had, certainly, through twenty-two a long time of service, witnessed his grasp extricate himself from numerous troubles that practically nothing a lot less than Athos's imminent Demise was prone to make him uneasy.

b : to gather payments and preserve a payment agenda for (a mortgage) Primarily right after sale of your mortgage to the secondary mortgage loan market (since the Federal National House loan Association) — Examine originate

Utilised them three instances to date. Prompt, skilled and really neat. Excellent bunch of guys who truly determine what They may be undertaking.

employment, operate - the profession for which that you are paid; "he is looking for employment"; "lots of persons are out of labor"

In fantastic, with no exchanging a word, they mounted and quitted the famed river, Don Quixote absorbed in views of his love, Sancho in thinking about his development, which just then, it seemed to him, he was extremely much from securing; for, idiot as he was, he saw Plainly search engine optimization sufficient that his master's functions had been all or The majority of them totally senseless; and he started to cast about for an opportunity of retiring from his service and going residence some day, without coming into into any explanations or getting any farewell of him.

I hurt my shoulder and my grass was acquiring out of control. I ran into them whilst consuming lunch at a gas station and questioned if they may match me…

firm - an establishment developed to conduct company; "he only invests in large perfectly-recognized corporations"; "he started off the corporate in his garage"

vt car, device → warten; to mail a vehicle to be serviced → ein Car warten lassen; (major service) → ein Car zur Inspektion geben

a. Employment in responsibilities or work for an additional, as for your authorities: has actually been in the corporation's service for fifteen years.

armed forces, armed services, military services, armed service equipment, war equipment - the military forces of the country; "their military services is the most important within the region"; "the army machine is identical a single we faced in 1991 but now it's weaker"

Like all service for employ, it is amazingly critical for the traffickers to deliver a highly regarded service, prison as it truly is.

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